Job #: 4455
Title: Manufacturing Engineer
Job Location: Nappanee, Indiana - United States
Employment Type:
Salary: $60,000.00 - $70,000.00 - US Dollars - Yearly
Employer Will Recruit From: Local
Relocation Paid?: NO


This is a unique opportunity to join a new plant at start-up and build a North American presence for a European Corporation > truly a grounf florr opportunity!


The newest plant of this international specialty vehicle designer/manufacturer requires the talents of a Manufacturing Engineer to replace the Corporate Project Engineers who have set the new plant up and now must return to Europe. In transitioning "ownership" of the plant to local management, the Corporation will want the Manufacturing Engineer to analyse and refine processes, further develop standardized work & training tools, facilitate new equipment & assembly tooling projects and be a key contributor to Lean/CI initiatives. This is a highly Engineered vehicle assembled from purchased systems, assemblies and components in a 'stall build' model rather than a moving assembly line. Ongoing initiatives of Manufacturing Engineering is to develop processes and ergonomic tooling to make work easier and repeatable for employees, to "unskill" assembly processes to create hiring flexibility and to liaise closely with Product Engineering, Quality Assurance and Production to introduce customer-ordered product options and ECN's. Our ideal candidate brings expertise in Assembly Technologies utilizing pneumatic & electric hand tools, an appreciation for 'build to specific print/schematics' requirements and superb communications skills.


Engineering credentials at Associate or Bachelor Degree level with at least two years' experiences improving processes in heavy vehicle assembly using Lean manufacturing techniques

University - Associate's Degree/Graduate Diploma/2 Years


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