Account Manager-Commercial Signs - Tyler, Texas United States - 43874

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Job #: 43874
Title: Account Manager-Commercial Signs
Job Location: Tyler, Texas - United States
Remote Job: Unknown
Employment Type:
Salary: $85,000.00 - $100,000.00 - US Dollars - Yearly
Other Compensation: Excellent Benefits
Employer Will Recruit From: Nationwide
Relocation Paid?: Yes


Outstanding company culture.  Employee appreciation events monthly.  Owner had lunch brough in every day during covid lockdown so employees felt safe and did not have to leave.  Also had a fuel truck parked on the property during that time so employees did not have to visit gas stations if they didnt' want to.  Very generous man, with a genuine servant leader mentality.

Excellent benefits!



The purpose of the Account Manager is to sell products offered by the Company to new and existing clients by developing and maintaining relationships.


2.1 This position reports directly to and is accountable to the President.

2.2 No positions report to the Account Manager.


The duties and responsibilities of the Account Manager include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

1.1 To solicit and manage existing and new clients, either in person or by telephone.

1.2 To contact business owners, or their authorized representatives, for potential new business. This includes cold calls.

1.3 To maintain logs and reports as directed by Management (daily, weekly or monthly).

1.4 To contact vendors as a company representative for purchase quotations.

1.5 Serve walk- in clients as needed.

1.6 Produce sales volume equal to or in excess of Commission Plan’s monthly sale requirements or equivalent in an annual average.

1.7 Plan and prioritize sales activities to achieve annual sales objectives.

1.8 Integrate personal sales efforts with organized marketing activities. Such as, but not inclusive, community business meetings, product launches, promotions, advertising, and exhibitions.

1.9 Monitor and report on market and competitor activities, business trends, and customer feedback.

1.10 Notify Management of any client complaints or concerns.

1.11 Maintain accurate and complete client information and sales contact history in the Company’s software systems.

1.12 Provide relevant, complete, and necessary information on client requests on quotes for estimating and sales orders.

1.13 Ensure collection of deposits and final payments due with sold contracts.

1.14 Follow established communication protocols by notifying the Project Manager of any client requests, change, and client discussed delivery dates for any sold contract.

1.15 Coordinate leave time with other Account Manager(s) to assure adequate sales coverage.  

1.16 Maintain company provided equipment, vehicles and electronic devices including regular maintenance and repairs.

1.17 Attend weekly and monthly required meetings, on time and prepared.

1.18 Maintain work area and sales literature in a neat and clean manner.

1.19 Transact all business in an ethical manner.

1.20 Maintain cooperative and positive working relationships with clients, coworkers, and the business community.

1.21 Any additional duties assigned by the President or Officers of the Company.


The performance of the Account Manager will be deemed acceptable when:

2.1 Rate of closure on proposals exceeds quota of 40%.

2.2 Company standards on communication timeliness are met at least 95% of the time.

2.3 Gross sales exceeds quota for commission qualification at least 9 months of the year.

2.4 Account Manager consistently receives high feedback from customer feedback, solicited or not.

2.5 Sound fiscal judgment is used for developing client relationships. Including established policies for Gifts, Meals and non-cash awards.

2.6 Appropriate approval and procedures have been followed and obtained 100% of the time on sales orders.

2.7 Account Manager qualifies a client to keep average sales amount within 10% of the company average.

2.8 Account Manager is productive and appropriate in the workplace, and makes responsible choices in selection of assistance of other personnel.

2.9 All company safety related requirements have been followed and carried out.

2.10 Employee continues to perfect, learn, and progress in the sign trade.

2.11 Employee actively participates with discovering new ideas, alternatives or options for Company growth or cost savings.

2.12 Employee is not cited by Supervisor or Management personnel for violating company policies.

2.13 Employee does not have excessive absences.

2.14 The President is satisfied with the quantity and quality of his/her work.




The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities necessary to meet the minimum job requirements of this position. 

1.1 Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent.

1.2 Education Preferred but not required: College degree.

1.3 Required: Current Texas Driver’s License.

1.4 Personality: Outgoing and comfortable meeting new people in different unfamiliar settings and situations. Must be the type of person who can put others at their ease, close sales, and inspire trust. 

1.5 This is a highly visible position and requires appropriate dress and behavior. Including standard business casual dress and cleanliness.

1.6 Must be able to communicate fluently in English both verbally and in writing.

1.7 Other life experience may be considered in lieu of the specific job requirements.

1.8 Passing of a pre-employment drug screen is required.

1.9 This position requires negative results for both pre-employment and random drug screenings.


2.1 Honesty. Does not cut corners ethically

2.2 Drive. A strong work ethic and desire to succeed

2.3 Communication. Excellent listening skills and the ability to speak to others in a positive manner

2.4 Problem solving. Ability to dissect problems to the root cause to determine a solution

2.5 Leadership. Influencing others to want to do what they need to do for the overall success of the organization

2.6 Learning. A constant search for more knowledge and better procedures

2.7 Delegation. Ability to entrust others with the success or failure of their own areas of responsibility

2.8 Efficiency. A sense of urgency to complete things quickly



3.1 This position will be working both indoors in an office, a shop environment, and outdoors.  Conditions will range from hot, humid, and dry to cool. The normal travel hazards will apply. Travel will be in all types of weather.

3.2 New or potential client premises and road hazards are beyond the Company’s control.

3.3 Workdays consist of (8) eight hours each day and will normally not include weekends or holidays. This position is classified as Salaried and is exempt from Overtime.

3.4 This position will require networking at area meetings which may include time outside of the normal work days.  

3.5 This position will require some travel with East Texas being the normal geographical parameters.


4.1 The President shall grant sufficient authority to the Account Manager to assure the successful completion of all assigned responsible and duties.

4.2 To sign proposals as the company representative as authorized by the President or Officers for the Company.

4.3 To stop the installation/manufacturing process if the working environment, conditions, or methods violate Company safety policies or present a danger to any person, equipment or item. In such a situation immediately notify the Production Manager, Install Manager, or the President immediately.