Analytical Chemist - Woburn, Massachusetts United States - 40984


Job #: 40984
Title: Analytical Chemist
Job Location: Woburn, Massachusetts - United States
Remote Job: No
Employment Type:
Salary: $85,000.00 - $110,000.00 - US Dollars - Yearly
Employer Will Recruit From: Local
Relocation Paid?: NO


Our client has been providing contract testing, research, and development in the area of materials to clients worldwide. They need an inquistive Analytical Chemist to help them grow.


Our client is a contract research laboratory with 20 + years’ experience providing consulting, material product development, and analytical testing services focused in the area of polymeric materials


They need an Analytical Chemist to perform experimental design, method development, validation, and analysis


The Analytical Chemist has proven track record developing and implementing robust methods for non-targeted and targeted chemical analyses in a diverse set of matrices.


The Analytical Chemist has worked with a variety of sample preparation workflows (e.g., extractions, simulated leaching conditions, derivatizations).


The Analytical Chemist has implemented analytical quality best practices and experimental controls ensuring the highest level of confidence in reported results. Strong understanding of the selection and use of system suitability standards, continuing calibration checks, spike recovery standards, surrogate standards, internal standards, replicate preparations, and trending/control charts.


The Analytical Chemist must be experienced in GC-MS, LC-MS, GPC and GPC-MALLS is a plus. Experience with Agilent instruments and ChemStation is a plus.



  • Quantitative analytical method development, validation for targeted and non-targeted assays
  • Focus on analytical quality incorporate verification/validation activities and experimental controls.
  • Identification of analytical conditions given target analytes or problem statement,
  • Sample preparation selection and execution by solvent extraction, SPE, L/L extractions, etc.
  • Method optimization, characterization for LOD/LOQ, sensitivity, resolution, repeatability, etc.
  • Familiarity with semi-quantitation and unknown compound identification workflows.
  • Critical analysis of data generated by other personal
  • Key member of the chromatography and analytical chemistry testing team.
  • Provide a resource for secondary analysis/review of data with emphasis on critical thinking
  • Routine chromatography on LC-QTOF instruments
  • Hardware configuration, detector verification, system diagnostics
  • Sample loading, sequence queuing, data analysis/interpretation including a familiarity with semi-quantitation and unknown compound identification workflows.
  • Writing qualification documents (ICH or USP criteria), SOPs, training staff to new methods
  • Documentation, data/method/library organization, report generation communication of results





  • BS or MS Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry or Chemical Engineering
  • Work in a small, adaptable company focused on non-routine, high-quality and rapid projects
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified, ISO 17025:2005 accredited, registered with FDA need similar expertise
  • 5 + years laboratory experience in one of the following areas is preferred: Contract R&D or CRO/CDMO lab, Extractable & leachable (E&L) or chemical characterization lab, Polymer analysis lab, Failure analysis or forensic lab, Environmental lab, Manufacturing QC lab Pharma or startup analytical lab

University - Master's Degree


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