Data Analytics & Model Audit - Director - Pine Bluff, Arkansas United States - 21846


Job #: 21846
Title: Data Analytics & Model Audit - Director
Job Location: Pine Bluff, Arkansas - United States
Employment Type:
Salary: $110,000.00 - $205,000.00 - US Dollars - Yearly
Employer Will Recruit From: Nationwide
Relocation Paid?: Negotiable


Data Analytics & Model Audit - Director


Under the supervision of the Cheif Audit Executive, you will lead the data analytics testing related with audits of central operations departments, administrative divisions, lending units and other business actions of the bank. The audits will include but not be limited to any functional or organizational activity, with stress on complex and higher risk areas with large data sets. The Director assists with defining methods to incorporate data analytics into the Internal Audit methodology, including constant risk assessment, periodic sampling, and data-driven root cause analysis. Also constructs reusable data analytics patterns and tools. Supervises the planning, data gathering, performs data analysis, and provides and reports on insight.



Data Analytics & Model Audit - Director

  1. Performs all duties in accordance with the International Standards for the Professional Practices of Internal Auditing.
  2. Organizes and performs all aspects of the platforms integrated Internal Audit engagements.
  3. Progresses ad-hoc SQL queries and performs transaction-level analysis to extract data.
  4. Conducts interviews with suitable bank personnel to supplement assigned audit testing.
  5. Develops impactful working relationships with auditees and collaborates with auditees during the audit process.
  6. Performs fraud investigations as allotted.
  7. Provides support to external auditors as assigned
  8. Generates complete and accurate audit workpapers that back audit findings and work performed.
  9. Delivers value-added recommendations to management to advance the control environment, increase operational effective, or advance the quality of products and amenities provided by the bank.
  10. Formulates high level flowcharts or control narratives, risk assessment and audit program of the audit area/function/department to ascertain the nature of the operations and the presence of sufficient internal controls used to achieve established objectives and minimize the risk exposure to the bank.
  11. Reviews, verifies and analyzes transactions, documents, records, and reports for accuracy, comprehensiveness and appropriateness.
  12. Serves as a subject matter expert for Internal Audit in assessment of data-related risks and controls.
  13. Presents audit findings to administration in an exit meeting.
  14. Performs follow-up to control the existence and adequacy of corrective actions taken by management in reply to audit recommendations.
  15. Evaluates the appropriateness and effectiveness of internal control methods, policies, and procedures
  16. Regulates that duties are performed in harmony with company policies, operating procedures, other management instructions, and regulatory requirements.
  17. Ensures that transactions are recorded promptly and accurately.
  18. Safeguards that assets are safeguarded adequately.
  19. Performs special projects as assigned by the C.A.E.


Data Analytics & Model Audit - Director

  1. Strong analytical skills and a good understanding of computer-assisted audit techniques (e.g., ACL, IDEA, SQL).
    Effective project management skills.
    Strong understanding of internal control theory and audit techniques.
  2. Solid oral and written communication skills as well as strong interpersonal skills with demonstrated capacity to deal effectively with all levels of management.
  3. Capacity to perform assigned duties with minimum supervision.
  4. Maintains and enhances technical and professional competence through continuing education.
  5. BA/BS in computer science, information technology, economics, statistics, accounting, business, finance or related fields, preferred or comparable work experience.
  6. Eight or more years of data analytics experience in financial services and/or specific areas of specialty (e.g., or IT). Previous experience auditing in the financial industry preferred.

University - Bachelor's Degree/3-4 Year Degree


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