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Job #: 45847
Title: Director - Capital Markets
Job Location: Marietta, Georgia - United States
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Other Compensation: Traditional - financial institution
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Director - Capital Markets

Commercial Mortgage Brokers are advisers who are adept at market analysis.  They possess deep knowledge of accounting and the language Real Estate and Finance. They understand economic forces and track the financial markets, which affect commercial real estate and access to capital. They perform ongoing market research of capital market trends, significant real estate transactions, and changes in the overall field of capital markets.  They are knowledgeable of current market and industry trends related to the office, flex/R&D/life sciences and industrial sectors.

Specializing in real estate transactions, a Mortgage Broker acts as the middleman between a client –– and a capital provider. They review the client’s opportunity or project in detail understanding both the real estate and financial aspects of each.


Director - Capital Markets

Critical Duties and Tasks:

The Broker is responsible for making sure the deal team does an effective job serving the client in its efforts to:

  1. Understand the opportunity quickly and completely
  2. Build a list of potential capital providers quickly
  3. Perform the appropriate internal research regarding comparable transactions, valuations, market demographics, etc.
  4. Build clear and accurate financial models of the opportunity
  5. Compile the information into a market-leading Offering Memorandum that Is effective in both garnering interest in the deal and making it easier for the capital provider to approve the opportunity
  6. Facilitate a timely approval and closing of each transaction by negotiating transaction terms, performing and facilitating due diligence for transactions, and coordinating the closing process, including obtaining necessary documentation to appropriately support the transaction process


Manage Related Paperwork - Mortgage Brokers manage the information used to match a client with a lender. This includes keeping track of lender statements, credit history and the like, on the part of the client.


Seek Out Additional Clients - Mortgage Brokers are expected to develop relationships with various real estate companies and other sources in order to find and meet the needs of potential clients. This will include marketing your firm to make it more attractive to perspective clients.   The Broker should be able to maintain effective senior-level relationships with past, current and prospective clients, and to generate confidence and respect of clients.

Assess the Market - As representatives of their client’s interests, the Mortgage Broker is often tasked with negotiating with lenders and direct lenders in order to find the best loan for the client’s situation. They must also accurately assess the client’s financial circumstances, credit history and affordability, in order to find their ideal match.


Maintain Professional Conduct - All Mortgage Brokers must ensure their activities are in accordance with lending and financial legislation at the local, state and federal levels. In particular, each state has different scopes of regulation that Mortgage Brokers must be familiar with.


Provide Legal Explanations - Mortgage Brokers are also responsible for educating their clients about their legal and financial options. This could include explaining legal disclosures, reviewing the client’s budget and helping the client fill out and understand all the necessary paperwork.


Mortgage Broker Skills - Mortgage Brokers are both social and analytical in nature. They need to build a solid trust with each of their clients, co-workers and local real estate companies. They rely on strong analytical skills to help them find the ideal lender for their client. They also need strong organizational skills, since they will manage multiple accounts simultaneously.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in business, real estate, finance etc. MBA or CFA is a plus
  • Minimum 5-7 years of current experience in all of the following: Commercial Real Estate, Middle Market, and C&I Underwriting required. Construction underwriting experience a plus.
  • Knowing common capital markets products, programs and procedures
  • Understanding deal structuring and credit underwriting
  • Applying sales principles and techniques to promote and sell your company’s services
  • Knowing how to use industry research tools like Market Analytics and CoStar.
  • Possess self-motivated, team-oriented, and strong time management skills to prioritize deadlines and workload of team juniors and support personnel
  • Possess excellent organizational, interpersonal, quantitative, writing and communication skills
  • Able to analyze complex quantitative and qualitative information
  • Able to manage a challenging and busy work pace and balance workload related to business development, assignment executions, and keeping up-to-date on the market and CM trends
  • Contribute to MountainSeed in a leadership role by assisting in the recruitment, management & mentoring of Associate-level team members
  • Increase professional competence through continuing education and professional training
  • Able to develop solutions to solve client problems
  • Able to identify and effectively cross-sell service opportunities
  • Increase professional competence through continuing education and professional
  • Computer literate: fluency in Microsoft Office programs, particularly Excel analysis required.

University - Bachelor's Degree/3-4 Year Degree


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