Director of Nursing - Peoria, Illinois United States - 21789

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Job #: 21789
Title: Director of Nursing
Job Location: Peoria, Illinois - United States
Employment Type:
Salary: $90,000.00 - $105,000.00 - US Dollars - Yearly
Employer Will Recruit From: Regional
Relocation Paid?: Negotiable


Engaged Search  - working with hiring manager - 25% Management, 75% working clinical setting of day to day.  Open to Interim & Perm candidates


Assistant Director of Hospital Nursing Services is responsible for helping the Director of Nursing ensure the quality, appropriateness, and cost effectiveness of nursing care provided to patients in the hospital.

JOB HOURS: Assistant Director of Nursing hours will be 8:00 am to 4:30 pm,  but not limited to those hours. Assistant Director of Nursing hours vary because of staffing and other emergencies that may arise.  The ADON is on call 24/7 for duties as UR Nurse and may share DON call with the DON set up by the DON and approved by the COO or Medical Director.
A. Duties of the ADON shall include, but are not limited to:
1. Organizes, plans and directs the Nursing Department in all its functions in compliance with established policies and procedures and to achieve long and short-term objectives, as directed by the DON.
2. Directs and evaluates Hospital Nursing personnel in providing quality care of patients, as instructed by the DON.
3. Provides direct patient care from time to time as relief staffing and to maintain first hand knowledge of Hospital nursing practice.
4. Investigates problems, complaints and policy violations taking appropriate directive action and follow-up as necessary.
5. Assists management personnel in development of objectives and development of nursing protocols and monitors the implementation of patient care standards.
6. Ensures that Hospital Nursing staff is appropriate to the needs of Hospital patients based on patient acuity and the current staffing plan.
a. Recommends to COO the utilization of contracted agency nursing staff as needed.  Provides contracted staff information to HR prior to contract approval.  (immunizations, skills checklist, background check)
b. Organizes a part-time workers pool and enforces its guidelines
7. With the DON and SNO, interviews, evaluates and makes recommendations for employment of applicants for vacant positions in Hospital Nursing.
8. Coordinates, evaluates, and assists Hospital Administrative Assistant  in their role and provides them a positive and professional role model.
9. Listens and responds appropriately to grievances from employees, patients and visitors.
10. Meets periodically with DON/SNO to discuss ongoing issues and formulate plans for the direction of Nursing Services in the Hospital.
11. Performs annual review of Hospital staff salaries and makes recommendations to the Compensation Committee after discussion with the SNO and HR Director.
12. Performs annual performance evaluations of the Hospital staff after receiving input from the employee and SNO. 
13. Completion of all incident reports (medication variances and falls or incidents). Submits all reports to the COO and appropriate committees per policy 
14. Functions UR Nurse/Case Manager (see UR Nurse/Case Manager Job Description)

B.        Facilitates collaboration between Hospital Nursing and other departments throughout the Hopedale Medical Complex as well as members of the Medical Staff to ensure the best possible care to patients.  Utilizes a collaborative approach in seeking improvements in the process of providing care and service with other departments and with the Medical Staff.
  C.        Participates in the Administrative Management of the hospital:
1. Monitors periodic reports of the operational status of the Hospital Nursing Department and implements operational changes as required.
2. Collaborates with Administration and Medical Staff in negotiation of service agreements and other agency contracts.
3. Participates in the planning of multidisciplinary projects involving the Hospital.
4. Attends Administrative meetings as necessary.
5. Creates annual budget with collaboration of Finance and/or COO.
6. Contracted physicians in the ER:  
1. Assists with orientation and direction of all contracted physicians.
2. Communicates with HR regarding need for MD name badges.
3. Verifies and approves hours and invoices, with the assistance of the Hospital Administrative Assistant, for all contracted physicians.  The DON will sign off on all invoices for approval prior to sending to the Accounting Dept.
4. Assists the physicians in accommodations and housing.  Housing will be assigned and managed  by the Materials Management Director and Director of Environmental Services.  

D.        Continues professional development
1. Serves as consultant and role model for Nursing Staff.
2. Serves on and chairs committees with Hospital Nursing at the Medical Complex as a whole and participates in Professional Nursing Organizations.
3. Represents the Hopedale Medical Complex in community and educational programs 
4. Participates in and initiates in-house educational programs for Nursing and other departments within the Medical Complex.
5. Practices effective time management to ensure adequate fulfillment of assigned responsibilities.
6. Lifting requirement of 50 pounds.

1. Must be a graduate from an accredited School of Nursing, preferably a baccalaureate program.  A master’s degree in nursing is encouraged, but not required.
2. Must be licensed and currently registered as a Professional Registered Nurse in the State of Illinois.
3. Must demonstrate knowledge of the principles and practices of management and leadership with a minimum of three years experience as a Clinical Nurse, and two years in a Nursing leadership position. 
4. Must demonstrate knowledge of health care delivery system, the role of Nursing Practice in health care and the relationship between Nursing and other health care disciplines.
5. Must demonstrate competence in written and oral communications.
6. Must be currently certified in Basic Life Support.
7. Must be currently certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, or have the equivalent certification within 6 months of employment.
8. Must have a strong background in all areas of Hospital Nursing practice with emphasis of Intensive Care, Medical/Surgical/Emergency Nursing.
9. Must demonstrate a working knowledge of principles of Quality Assurance, Utilization Review and Infection Control as it relates to Nursing Practice.

1. Work requires the ability to lift and carry files weighing up to 50 pounds on a daily basis. 
2. Work requires communication abilities necessary to assess patient’s condition and interact with physicians and exchange information with care providers, families, and others on a daily basis. 
3. Work requires proofreading and checking documents for accuracy on a daily basis. 
4. Work requires ability for computer usage.  Ability to communicate in writing. 
5. Visual and auditory acuity necessary to observe patient, obtain information, and use documentation for communication with patients and families.