Mold Set-Up Technician - Continental Night Shift - Toronto, Ontario - Etobicoke, Ontario Canada - 20494


Job #: 20494
Title: Mold Set-Up Technician - Continental Night Shift - Toronto, Ontario
Job Location: Etobicoke, Ontario - Canada
Employment Type:
Salary: $28.00 - $28.00 - Canadian Dollars - Hourly
Employer Will Recruit From: Regional
Relocation Paid?: NO


** busy, consumer goods company

** Continental Night Shift - $28/hr + $0.55/hr shift premium

** 7:30pm to 7:30am


Mon. / Tues. - ON

Wed. / Thurs. - OFF

Fri. / Sat. / Sun. - ON

Mon. / Tues. - OFF

Wed / Thurs. - ON

Fri. / Sat. / Sun. - OFF



* Responsible for performing product changes, attending to mold issues during production, preparing molds for upcoming mold changes

* Performing mold PM work and preparing molds for storage after removal from machine and work in the tool room when required

* Remove mold during product change (mold, all mold accessories from machine, perform line clearance, prep. mold for transport to tool room, etc.)

* Install Mold during product change (pre-stage mold at machine, install following proper procedures, troubleshoot mold issues during installation, etc.)

* Prepare for Mold storage and installation (follow tag-out procedure, inspect mold for repairs / wear / damage, perform repairs and clean mold prior to storage, etc.)

* Repair molds during production (troubleshoot, check alignment, replace tips / pads, clean cavities, insert changes, etc.)

* Perform routine PM (replace mold inserts, nozzle tips, lubrication of parts, set and check alignment, etc.)

* Complete required documentation (product change form, mold inspection checklist sheet, daily log and labour board file)

* Operate Overhead Crane and Reach Truck to transport molds

* Perform work in compliance with company safety rules and practices

* Work in compliance with OHSA, internal company policies, regulations and standards 

* Wear protective equipment as required and follow safety and housekeeping responsibilities

* Perform other duties as assigned


* College Certificate / Diploma

* Documented Injection Molding Training

* Minimum 2 years of related experience in a molding facility

* Previous experience working in a product change team and injection molding environment

* Overhead Crane certification

* Reach Truck certification

* Fluent in English with good verbal and written communication skills

* Able to read and understand a core map

* Able to diagnose problems with a core shift

* Basic mechanical skills

* Able to complete installs of injection molds in a safe and timely manner

* Able to lift up to 75 lbs


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