Plant Controller - GREAT BONUS!!! - Grand Island, Nebraska United States - 19997

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Job #: 19997
Title: Plant Controller - GREAT BONUS!!!
Job Location: Grand Island, Nebraska - United States
Employment Type:
Salary: $90,000.00 - $110,000.00 - US Dollars - Yearly
Other Compensation: 25% Bonus
Employer Will Recruit From: Nationwide
Relocation Paid?: Yes


Our client is working to fill a Controller role for a company that has options for both those who want to BE great at what they DO and those who want to GROW. The key is that they have some foundational talents to be of one of the KEY leaders of a plant in Central Nebraska.

The role is a Plant Controller who is a PHENOMENAL leader and developer of talent. 

BONUS Payout was the HIGHEST payout I have EVER seen as a leader of a Fortune 100 to a PE OWNED company!!!

As usual we had the opportunity to get to know the hiring leader and have worked with some of the leaders of this organization before. Within 2 minutes of the first discussion there was laughter. Why does this matter? It tells you about YOUR next leader.

  • Easy to get to know - assumes positive intent versus puts up roadblocks.
  • Family focused leader - who is focused on ensuring the larger team is working smarter versus harder - this is not about 'squeezing the lemon' and getting out as much as you can.
  • A leader with both plant and corporate experience - will understand where you are coming from.

Besides the core qualifications of being able to close the books, do inventory, help leaders understand how to manage cost here are the essential other factors in who will be a great fit for this role:

1. Leadership 

This is a leader who became an Accountant - not an Accountant who leads because they have to as part of their job responsibilities.

  • You love developing others? You enjoy seeing how people grow.
  • You can quickly tell what makes someone tick.
  • People WANT to follow and work for you ...
  • When you give feedback...people appreciate it and thank you. They don't get frustrated and want to leave.

2: Lean & Process Improvement Mindset:

  • Do you have a resume and countless of examples of upgrading processes, systems and eliminating unnecessary 'steps' in processes?
  • Are you the 'goto' person with excel? You know how to automate and get anything out of excel you want. If you don't you figure it out.
  • You enjoy finding better ways to do things - you are not OK with the status quo - you know by improving system and processes you and your team can spend time on higher more value added work.

3. Culture - Everyone wants a great culture fit. What does this culture 'look' like and play out like?

  • Culture that promotes honesty & excuses

  • No BIG Ego's - sorry 100% Team focused - not looking for a superhero

  • Love new challenges….look at change as an opportunity to grow and gain efficiency versus ‘more work’

  • Okay challenging the status quo - especially if it's 'not right' - you go against what is wrong and at the end of the day you are highly regarded for it.

  • Often described relentless, high sense of urgency and in general you just ‘get things done’

  • You are practical and avoid bureaucracy at all cost

  • Your work feels like a family - you enjoy the 'smaller' communities and the relationships made.

Why this ROLE is DIFFERENT than other Controller roles:

  • You will be ONE Of three KEY leaders of this large plant - the Controller is well respected and has a voice in impacting the entire plant.

  • YOU have the opportunity to help lead this Plant & Team to the company Superbowl' - well that's the internal term for fun competition they have amongst themselves. This role has a huge opportunity to play a critical role.


Role Snapshot:

  • Coach, lead and lead a large team of Accounting Team - you'll be fully accountable but have complete autonomy to nurture the team. KEY priority for the 1st year is getting to know the team, their strengths, development areas.

  • Your team will own the monthly & quarterly close and financial reporting process

  • Prepare reports which summarize and forecast company business activity and financial position in areas of income, expenses, and earnings based on the past, present, and expected operations.

  • Responsible for monthly/quarterly/annual reporting package

  • Perform P&L explanation for key variances in Price, Mix, Volume and Cost drivers.

  • Own and approve capital projects

  • Be a driver of cost - helping drive the bigger picture and team make better decisions

  • Work closely with the corporate team - some areas will be partially owned by corporate - AP, AR, Fixed Assets.



  • Bachelor degree in Accounting or finance related field required

  • Passion for leading and developing a team - natural skillset for this!! 

  • 5+ years accounting & finance experience required

  • 2 years cost accounting experience preferred, with emphasis on supporting operational leaders with reporting and analysis

  • 2+ years in a manufacturing plant required

  • SAP experience -  you call yourself a GURU!!!



Great benefits - ONE outstanding benefits is 100% paid for healthcare clinic cost for employee and family (specific clinic) - No copay!

Strong Base + Bonus which has been paying out!!!!

University - Bachelor's Degree/3-4 Year Degree