Project Specialist - Process Development - Raleigh, North Carolina United States - 23047


Job #: 23047
Title: Project Specialist - Process Development
Job Location: Raleigh, North Carolina - United States
Employment Type:
Salary: $50,000.00 - $60,000.00 - US Dollars - Yearly
Other Compensation: Excellent benefits and 401-K
Employer Will Recruit From: Nationwide
Best will be from NC and close by states
Relocation Paid?: Yes


Seeking a Project Specialist, Process Development responsible for field and lab activities related to application and process development projects for water and wastewater treatment.  This is a growing global company in the Water Industry that is located in the Raleigh, Cary, Durham, North Carolina area.  They are seeking a Project Specialist that is Hands-on that will conduct Projects of Pilot Studies and Lab tests, (will run Pilots).  This is a very technologically advanced company that uses 100% Green Technology tied to a natural resource that is essential to daily life.  This company offers a very desireable work environment with excellnet benefits.


The Project Specialist is responsible for field and lab activities related to application and process development projects for water and wastewater treatment. Conduct Projects of Pilot studies and Lab tests, with the guidance from senior members of the Process Team. Participate in construction, assembly, operation and maintenance of Lab and Pilot Scale Water Treatment Systems. Assist in technical evaluations to support planning and design related to water and wastewater systems. Assist in preparing technical memoranda, reports, drawings, specifications and misc. documents. Communicate effectively and coordinate with Project Teams including other disciplines. Prepare preliminary test protocol. Responsible for data quality control and proper testing procedures within the Lab. Test samples from internal projects and prospective customers. Responsible for organizing and reporting test results to process development engineers and managers. Offers technical support and troubleshooting capabilities for customers. Work as part of a project/process team and be responsible for planning, design development, calculations, presentations and overall Project Development for a varitey of Projects.


An Associates or Bachelors degree in Engineering, Science, Chemistry or similar degree. Good working knowledge of laboratory equipment related to water and wastewater treatment. Familiarization with design software such as AutoCAD or similar design software. Knowledge of basic technical principals and methods. Ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization and be a team leader to achieve product goals. Multi-tasking and prioritizing simultaineosly, and ability to effectively utilize time in executing assigned tasks accurately and on time. The position requires frequent traveling, inland and overseas, up to 40%.

University - Associate's Degree/Graduate Diploma/2 Years


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