Radar Digital Signal Processing Engineer - Job Order 3180 - Redwood City, California United States - 45419


Job #: 45419
Title: Radar Digital Signal Processing Engineer - Job Order 3180
Job Location: Redwood City, California - United States
Remote Job: Unknown
Employment Type:
Salary: $120,000.00 - $160,000.00 - US Dollars - Yearly
Employer Will Recruit From: Nationwide
Relocation Paid?: Negotiable


This is a startup with a novel approach to sensing systems. High growth potential.


Radar Digital Signal Processing Engineer - Job Order 3180

Redwood City, CA or nearby
US citizen or permanent resident
Compensation DOE, equity

My client is reimagining sensing for driverless vehicles. Their team of world-class product
designers from Apple, Google, Intel, and Amazon has reframed sensing as a software problem - as
opposed to a hardware problem, as it has been treated for over twenty years - and created a
universal platform that allows for an exceptionally powerful and scalable full-stack solution.
The company replaces the hardware-centric, fragmented, and unintelligent
sensor stacks in vogue since the early 2000s with an elegant, compact, and inexpensive digital
platform. A sensing operating system and software-defined concurrent sensors driven by machine
learning at the edge abstract the sensing hardware and make it ‘invisible’ to autonomy developers.
They enable AV developers to focus on software and data, and leapfrog to scalable
driverless autonomy today.

Job Description: As radar DSP engineer, you'll be responsible for designing, simulating, and validating radar signal processing algorithms for a variety of hardware architectures. You'll work closely with our teams of FPGA, GPU, and RF designers to implement the DSP into our compute platform, as part of a multimodal sensing system, including laser and optical modalities. You will explore new DSP algorithms for the future generations of our system and your ideas will directly influence our next gen architecture.


    Deep hands-on experience with digital and statistical signal processing fundamentals such as sampling and reconstruction, time and frequency-domain analysis of LTI systems, FIR/IIR filter design methods, random processes, Markov chains, wavelets, etc.
    Deep working knowledge of signal estimation and inversion techniques such as least-squares and least-norm methods, convex optimization, Kalman filters, Wiener ?lters, MAP and ML estimation
    Intimate knowledge of state of the art mm-wave MIMO imaging radar hardware architectures such FMCW and PMCW. Familiar with the tradeoffs between radar hardware parameters such as antenna pattern and number of elements and ADC sampling rates and system level performance metrics such as radar range, azimuth and elevation resolution, unambiguous velocity range, etc.
    Hands-on experience with classical end-to-end imaging radar DSP with deep understanding of the tradeoffs between DSP parameters and system-level performance metrics
    Familiar with advanced imaging radar DSP techniques such as super-resolution methods, MUSIC, ESPRIT, 2D and 3D tracking, multi-dimensional CFAR, etc.
    Hands-on experience with bringup, test and characterization of radar hardware and statistical analysis of real test data
    Hands-on with common scripting languages such as Python, Matlab or R
    Creative go-getter and great team player with good communication skills. Comfortable with working in very fast paced multi-disciplinary environments.

    Working knowledge of digital communication principles such as modulation, demodulation and detection schemes, noise, SNR and BER analysis, equalization, error correction coding, etc.
    Experience with novel AI/ML techniques for radar detection and tracking
    Knowledge of the fundamentals of electromagnetic fields and waves such as free-space wave propagation, scattering, etc.
    Familiarity with radar antenna design principles such as antenna radiation pattern and gain calculation, etc.
    Experience with electrical lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, spectrum analyzers, active loads, etc.
    Experience with test and characterization of electrical modules such as AC-DC and DC-DC converters, high-speed mixed-signal modules, sensors, etc.
    Familiarity with sensing and perception pipelines for level 4 and 5 autonomy

    Master's or Ph.D. degree in Electrical engineering, Physics or other related fields
    5+ years of radar DSP design work
    Track record of product delivery in automotive or consumer electronics markets

University - Master's Degree


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