Senior Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Analyst - Bangalore City, Karnataka India - 42205


Job #: 42205
Title: Senior Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Analyst
Job Location: Bangalore City, Karnataka - India
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Salary: contact recruiter for details
Employer Will Recruit From: Local
Relocation Paid?: NO


The Senior LCA Analyst will be managing a team of analysts from India, Canada, and Hong Kong. The chosen candidate will be overviewing all small and medium LCAs done for clients to ensure the accurate methodology is used, correct production processes are analysed, and projects are completed on time, as well as individually conducting analyses when required.


We are looking for a Senior LCA Analyst to join a fast-paced and dynamic team.


  • Lead comparative life cycle assessments for Green Story clients focusing on the textile sector with cradle-to-gate and cradle-to-grave analyses.
  • Plan and execute small and medium scale LCA projects from start to finish.
  • Keep track and manage several projects simultaneously to ensure projects are delivered on time.
  • Lead meetings with clients and suppliers about their supply chains and processes of production.
  • Gather necessary data from suppliers to implement in LCAs.
  • Compile, verify, and interpret analysis results to offer clients findings and insights.
  • Create reports and/or oversee report creation for client LCAs declaring all assumptions and tools used, and work continuously to improve reporting.
  • Oversee and verify technical research for impact assessments.
  • Continuously work to improve current LCA processes for accuracy and efficiency following LCA methodology and recommend tools and processes to be used.
  • Plan and coordinate how to automate LCA modeling and analysis for small-scale projects (to get analysis results in under 10 minutes).
  • Training new LCA team members.


  • Master of Science degree or higher in Environmental Studies, Textiles, or Engineering (similar degrees will be considered on a case by case basis).
  • The position requires experience using GaBi software.
  • The position requires 4+ years of experience in the field working on textile LCAs.
  • Solid technical knowledge of LCA frameworks and methodology (EDD, ISO 14001, Comparative LCAs, allocation procedures, cut-off criteria, uncertainty analysis, data quality requirements, impact categories with normalization/ grouping, and completeness, consistency and sensitivity checks)
  • In-depth understanding of a wide range of textile production processes and value chains.
  • LCA certification or equivalent required.

University - Bachelor's Degree/3-4 Year Degree


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