What a Candidate Can Expect

What a Candidate Can Expect

What a Candidate Can Expect:

NPAworldwide member recruiters are committed to relationships characterized by honesty, objectivity, accuracy and respect for confidentiality. Member recruiters are also expected to abide by all local laws related to data privacy and employment law. Our members know that the most successful searches involve three-way partnerships in which the candidate, the recruiter and the client fully understand their role in the process and work diligently to fulfill on those obligations. We believe candidates should have their expectations met in the following areas:

1. Confidentiality

When you decide to look at employment opportunities, you put yourself at risk with your current employer. For that reason, you are entitled to the highest levels of confidentiality for your personal information. To safeguard confidential information, we never sell, share, or release personal information outside our network. Each member of our network is committed to confidentiality.

2. Accuracy of Disclosure

All advertised positions are real jobs.

In order to make the right decision, it is fair for candidates to expect full and open disclosure regarding:

  • The nature and requirements of the position
  • The compensation package
  • Whether relocation is required and if assistance is provided
  • Pertinent information regarding the client organization

The member recruiter is under no obligation to divulge confidential information about the position or the client. Once you have been identified as viable candidate the recruiter may disclose more information but even then, certain information about the client may remain confidential.

3.  Consideration and Feedback

All interested candidates will be considered for positions based upon their ability and aptitude. Consideration will be in accordance with all local laws and practices. If the client decides not to proceed with your candidacy, the recruiter should explain the client's decision.

4. Timely Communication

The completion of a recruitment assignment can often take several months, with many steps between initial contact and the hiring of the successful candidate. Once you become actively considered a candidate, the member recruiter should communicate with you in a timely manner at each step of the process. This means proactively updating you on the progress of the search as well as responding in a timely manner to inquiries. Members have a keen appreciation for the demands placed upon your time. Members and their clients should demonstrate the utmost respect for your responsibilities to your current employer.

5. No Pressure

We understand that the best career opportunities happen when the candidate has the time to make a measured, well-thought out decision. For this reason, the member recruiter should not hurry your decision or put undue pressure on you to accept an offer. The member will keep you informed of any deadlines imposed by the client and the implications for not making a decision prior to those deadlines.

Communication is a shared responsibility, so please offer feedback to your recruiter when things have gone well and when things are not as you expected. The members of NPAworldwide wish you good luck with your search and consideration of new employment opportunities.