Job #: 4272
Title: Senior Quantitative Risk Specialist
Job Location: Saint Louis, Missouri - United States
Employment Type:
Salary: $125,000.00 - $185,000.00 - US Dollars - Yearly
Other Compensation: Traditional Bank
Employer Will Recruit From: Nationwide
Relocation Paid?: Yes


The Senior Quantitative Risk Specialist is a vital key member of the Quantitative Risk Management effort and you’ll be part of a very diverse team of talented professionals who interact with senior risk team personnel, corporate managers and other Bank disciplines. Must understand business operations and dynamics, and analyze, monitor, and manage related risks. 

The Senior Quantitative Risk Specialist was focus on the vital ongoing monitoring of model performance and development/automation of monitoring reports. The person is part of the model development team and must have a deep understanding of modeling. These models are in the areas of:

  • Wholesale banking credit risk: CRE, C&I, Leasing, Specialty, and others
  • Retail: Credit Cards, HELOC, Mortgage, Consumer, and others


Required Skills: 

  1. Knowledge and ability to use the tools, processes and practices for forecasting business trends and providing forecasts that drive business decisions and business planning.
  2. Knowledge of and ability to plan, implement and manage testing tactics, policies and practices that guarantee the distribution of high quality applications.
  3. Ability to utilize tools, techniques and processes for gathering and reporting data in a particular department or division of a corporation.
  4. Aquaintance of quantitative tools and techniques to measure and analyze risks.
  5. Assesses and effectively manages all of the key risks related with their business objectives and activities to ensure activities are in orientation with the bank's and unit's risk appetite and/or management agenda.
  6. Acquaintance of the values and practices that line up client needs and satisfaction as primary considerations in all business decisions, and ability to influence that information in generating customized customer solutions.
  7. Acquaintance of techniques, roles, and responsibilities in providing technical or business guidance to clients, both internal and external; ability to apply this knowledge appropriately to diverse situations.


Required Minium Qualifications: 

  1. The candidate must have an understanding of risk analysis
  2. Capacity to execute on competing priorities in an efficient and timely manner.
  3. MS degree or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Economics, Math, Engineering, Physics or additional quantitative field is preferred
  4. Minimum five or more years of experience in the above in the banking/finance industry
  5. Thorough understanding of at least one programming language
  6. SQL programming

University - Bachelor's Degree/3-4 Year Degree


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