Ten Keys to Great Resume/CV Writing

Ten Keys to Great Resume/CV Writing

A resume can be organized in two formats, summary or chronological. Which format you choose depends on what best serves your strengths.

The chronological resume is the most common format, and presents your experience and accomplishments in chronological order, starting with the most recent. This type of resume emphasizes work history and experiences, by featuring job titles, employer organizations, accomplishments, and dates, which show career growth and continuity.

A functional resume (or summary resume) emphasizes skills, combining the skills you have from a variety of experiences and grouping them into major areas of expertise. While most employers don’t favor this format, this format works well if you want to downplay your work history (like if you’ve changed jobs often or are changing careers) and highlight your level of expertise.

You can also combine elements of these two formats in a combination resume format, which is organized by functional skills, but still includes position titles and dates in reverse chronological order.

There is no right or wrong way to organize your resume, but the format does have a big impact. To choose what is right for you, start with the content of your resume – write out all of your work history, education and skills, and edit from there. Look at samples of resumes online, and choose the combination of features that best serves your experience.

On including an Objective…

An objective, a short and targeted statement of purpose, helps employers quickly evaluate your suitability for a given position. This quick-screen can help or hurt you – while a stated objective lets you express your employment goals, if your objective doesn’t conform to the exact specifications of a position, a busy hiring manager may overlook your resume.  

If you are open to Controller jobs and Controller jobs only, then state that in your objective. If you’re open to various positions/titles in the field or industry you work in, broaden your objective or leave it off entirely, as it may limit your options.

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