How to Effectively Work With Recruiters

How to Effectively Work With Recruiters

NPAworldwide has nearly 500 member locations and more than 1500 recruiters on 6 continents.  The nature of our business is to serve the needs of multiple audiences.  While your career goals are of utmost importance to you, be mindful that recruiters are often paid by the client to find superior talent for critical openings.  Our members are professionals with schedules, client demands and preferences for the way they work that are unique as you are. 

First, I strongly suggest you take a moment to read What a Candidate Can Expect, in which we have outlined what you can expect from our network.  Just as you expect to be treated in a certain way, there are expectations of how you will be most successful working with recruiters. 

Candidates should:

  • Be honest in all your dealings with recruiters.
  • Be direct regarding issues that may impact your suitability for a role or willingness to accept an offer.
  • Respond and return calls in a timely way.
  • Respect the recruiter’s need for confidentiality regarding client information early in an exploratory conversation, before you have expressed interest and been qualified.
  • Let the recruiter know when you are no longer available.
  • Not use recruiters as leverage to gain a counter offer from a current employer.

Good luck and thank you for making NPAworldwide your career partner!

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